We've got to maintain a certain level of 'street-cred'.

Think Like a Community Planner When Strategizing Your Mobile Application Development

Social media marketing is the way of the future. People spend more time on networks like Facebook and LinkedIn than ever before. Don't forget dating apps like Match and Tinder and design sites like Pinterest (which encourages users to post links to everything they like). Then, there are Snapchat and Instagram (for following everyone you know). With so many ways to spend our free time on social media, it's no surprise that workers interact increasingly with their favorite brands (even when they aren't doing work). It's difficult for us to keep our consumer lives separate from our work lives, which begs the question. Should we keep our work activities separate from our social activities anymore?

We've Got the Answer!

Well, you might want to keep your social media activities squeaky clean if you plan to run for office or work in the public sector. Business professionals know that tons of important networking will occur on social media networks. These are realities that your company can take advantage of, especially when it comes to sourcing new talent. As you approach social media marketing in 2018, imagine how it could help you find the next wave of workers to build your company and new inbound leads.

Consider Greater Inbound Marketing With a Gamification Component

A recent post from the Forbes Resource Council explains the global trend toward gamification, or companies interacting with users in a game environment, which can even assist with recruitment. (Does Facebook's Candy Crush ring any bells with you?)

"Gamification is a technique that has been working its way into all different types of industries. The idea of turning engagement into a competitive game format works for a range of purposes, whether it's marketing or teaching or hiring. In business, gamification can be used as a candidate screener, turning tests of critical skill sets and cognitive abilities into fun engagement."

Think About the Future App as a Community for Everyone to Join

Take the ideas of social media and gamification (a la Candy Crush) and put them together. We live in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) world in which a smart refrigerator tells our mobile phone that it's time to order 2 percent milk. All we must do is approve the purchase as a part of our weekly grocery list, and, on Saturday (or whatever day we choose), milk will magically get delivered to our home. It's all up to the friendly supermarket guy not to let us down. If you can accept this reality that many consumers already have, then you might consider creating a social media network on your mobile site or app. Much like a dating app does when you swipe left or right, make it a game for users to create a free profile on your app and then enable them to post content that encourages connections with other users. In some companies' apps, a user profile might only include a picture and a person's likes and dislikes related to products (i.e. user ratings of all coffee drinks or candy flavors). Much like a game, a social media profile within an app is a way that users will want to stay in your digital or mobile environment. They will interact with your brand by creating their own content. They will share their personal contact information with your database and engage in ways that enable you to share information about products or services. Social networks can target many target audiences, including active and passive job seekers, can find your brand.

Dream Big!

It doesn't hurt to spend some marketing dollars on an app with a social media network or game aspect. Why not create a network that engages users regardless of their purpose for visiting your company or mobile app? Every person could log into the social media network on the app, for example, with Facebook credentials, which will provide your marketers with information to be stored and analyzed in the marketing database. If you invest in this kind of app development to engage consumers, you'll get tons of interest in the brand. You can also track the sources of daily traffic and see if you can link traffic spikes from certain websites to the game's introduction. Your inbound marketing database will grow, and your marketing people can develop customized content for new users based on interest. The implications of expanding your outreach through gamification are many.

By adding a social networking component to your app, it's easy to keep people on your site or app longer. If you offer incentives to users who create more detailed profiles, they won't mind answering questions and responding to surveys about their spending habits. They will rate products or services and comment on other profiles. The more interactions users have on the site or app, the more opportunities there are to passively market to them. We have all the latest tricks to gamify your mobile app or website. For details, please contact us today.