Once you get to know us, you will like what you see... unless you don't like mustaches.

Touch: Hand-crafted Software is a full-service software solutions company that creates intelligent, productive, and easy to use applications that are hand-crafted to our clients' needs. We've worked hard to earn our reputation by consistently creating strategic applications that stand out in a sea of mediocrity and failed solutions.

We pride ourselves on a straight-forward, friendly approach and the ability to quickly understand our clients' objectives. We have the depth and breadth of skills to implement desktop applications, web applications, websites, and integrate all of the above with your legacy business resources.

Touch: Hand-crafted Software calls on a combination of our team's talent from over 40 years experience, including (yet not limited to):

  • Web Page Design
  • Internet Marketer
  • Business / Organization Strategist
  • Search Engine Optimization Expert
  • Application Architect
  • Software Engineer
  • Web Application Engineer
  • Copy Writer / Proof Reader